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Taylor Heussner

Denver writer

Hey! I'm currently a freelance writer for Westword but I have also written for Stain'd Magazine and 303 Magazine. If you're begging to hear more, I've also been published in the Fort Collins Coin-Op, Fort Collins Courier and the New York City literary magazines Yes, Poetry and Moonchild Mag

When not writing, I work as a digital marketing specialist where I write code and SQL amongst other things. It seems I can't put the pen (or mouse) down with whatever I do.

As you flit through my website, you'll see art and photography line the digital walls. These are also dabblings of mine.

Thanks for visiting and please contact me if you want to share your work, talk about the universe, need a writer or some paintings! 

ok bye


I have paintings for sale at the Spring Cafe in Denver right now

My Services


With a Bachelor's degree in English and workforce experience in journalism and marketing, I can help your voice and brand be seen and stand out online. From blog writing to marketing campaigns, what is it you need a writer's hand to tell?

If this is a Westword, music related article request, please contact below!



Denver, Colorado, 80216


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